I was born on March 18th, 1976 in Paris, France.

After my artistic studies I entered the world of fashion industry. This was for me the best means to reconcile my two creative passions: graphic design and the photography.

Studio photography allows me to perfect my lighting , and direction. 

I made the aquisition of a Hasselblad, with which I shot photos for different magazines. This permits me to start my personal work. 

My photographic approach is very influenced by the light and the silence of the places surrounding us, when they find their soul, when human presence has disappeared. 

I was interested in the pictorial representation’s function of images. How did the people in the past represent their everyday life? How did they capture it in images? 

I re-learned how to see these many a time seen paintings, at these grand works which somewhat are, like my pictures, pictorial representations of this everyday life that interests me so.

The sharpness of primitive Flemish (Van Eyck, Van der Weyden, Memling), the mystery of Leonard de Vinci’s paintings, the light of Vermeer and the way he paints his daily life, the mystery and melancholy of Hopper.  

I try more and more to go in this direction, «to paint» more than to photograph my subjects.

I also put a certain distance between the subjects and the camera. This allows me to show the places the way I want to, and lets the spectator’s imagination working. 

Each one will go his own way, which won’t always be mine. An image must stay open, breath. It needs air. Breaking free, telling a story.